Members and Responsibilities

Name Titles Responsibilities Contact
Lee Ming-Chang Team Leader/ Head of Secretary of Student Affairs
  1. Manage Alumni Contacts and Employment Counseling–Related Services
  2. Help Operate the Alumni Confederation, Alumni Branches and various Alumni Societies of each faculty
  3. Execution and Manage Budgeting of Alumni Contacts and Employment Couseling
  4. Help Head of Student Affairs Manage Various Tasks
  5. Coordinate the affairs of team leaders’ meetings
  6. Management of Student Affairs Funding
  7. Communication and Co-ordination between each unit
  8. Occational Tasks assigned by Superior  
Direct line:+886-4-22075798
Hsin Yi-Lin Full-time Assistant
  1. Execution of Varsity Graduates to Internship-related Tasks
  2. Alumni Employment Surveying and Annual Update of Telephone Interviews Data
  3. Help promote Survey Plans of Varsity Graduates
  4. Planning and Execution of Annual Campus Recruitment Activities
  5. Help Alumni apply for Chinese and English Academic Transcripts
  6. Handling graduation Procedures of Graduate
Phone:+886-4-2205-3366ext.1222 ,  1232
Direct line: +886-4-22075798